Industrial Automation, Research & Development

The AIR6 SYSTEMS | AIRBORNE ROBOTICS team has a track record of developing drones for specific use cases since 2014. We base our development strengths on our early focus on customizations and customer-induced adaptions as well as the accumulated experience from our broad product range of multi-rotor drones of all sizes. We have tested and implemented hundreds of components over the various development cycles.
Through our industrial and other development mandates we keep an open-minded approach and are able to support our customers with the entire product development cycle consisting of:

– design package
– development loops & prototype
– product market readiness (TRL 9)
– serial development
– dissemination support
– implementation concept, training, technical support and maintenance

Our drone research & development comprises besides turnkey systems, GPS denied environment / indoor navigation, drone swarms, precision landing, autonomous charging, 4G / 5G communication and navigation, deployment of satellite sensors & robots and many more features.


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