Surveying, Measuring / Mapping, Mining, Archaeology

Professional aerial surveying requires a complete solution with an adequate UAV (flight time and payload capacity), high-end sensors and an efficient / easy to use software for optimal post-processing. Our surveying solutions are used for:
– Area / volume surveying
– 3D photogrammetry
– Laser Scanning / LiDAR
– Cadastral survey, municipalities
– Damage survey (flood, storm, forestry, agriculture, etc)
– Object survey
– Mining
– Construction and real estate
– etc.

With regards to complete solutions kindly refer also to GCP-free precision surveying.

For more information on surveying with drones, photogrammetry, 3D-scan, laser scanning / Lidar, etc, please request a download link for our respective webinars (please enter name & email address, select a download and click “Send Download Link”).

Source: geo-konzept GmbH and Airborne Robotics with AIR6 drone

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