Webinar 05 / 2018: Drones for SURVEYING – Photogrammetry (EN)

Entire workflow of precision surveying with drones: hardware, software, flight planing and execution, settings for the data collection process, post-processing and report generating.

  • Integrated flight system for precision surveying
  • Achieving advanced accuracy with RTK / PPK
  • Flight planning and workflow in the field
  • Working with Ground Control Points (GPC)
  • Camera configurations and GPS / INS offsets for precise location information
  • Post-processing workflow
  • Building dense clouds, DEMs and orthomosaics
  • Generating reports
  • Q&A
  • Alex Fraess-Ehrfeld, CEO of AIR6 SYSTEMS GmbH & AIRBORNE ROBOTICS Ltd.
  • Gustavo Lopez, Product Manager, SEPTENTRIO N.V.
  • Alexey Pasumansky, Head Technical Support, AGISOFT LLC

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