Unrelenting perfection. For professional drone missions. Pan-European locations: UK | Austria | Germany. Global distribution & support.

AIR6 SYSTEMS | AIRBORNE ROBOTICS is a manufacturer of high-performance, heavy payload drones (UAVs) for payloads of up to 10 kg (customizations up to 50 kg). We offer highest possible flexibility for a broad range of missions and applications. Through our state-of-the-art UAV systems and equipment our customers win mandates and are able to streamline internal work-flows. Our UAVs are characterized by:
  • REDUNDANCY: Enhanced fail-safety through at least two electronic circuits (separate flight controllers), at least 6 rotors / motors, at least two or four batteries. This is essential for redundancy requirements in different jurisdictions for missions in built-up areas and / or to comply with the required Operating Safety Case (OSC).
  • PERFORMANCE: Unique combination of payload capacity, flight time, power reserve and stability.
  • OPEN PLATFORM: Ability to mount any sensor or payload. Our customers can choose the best available equipment on the market at any time.
  • CUSTOMIZATIONS: Our systems can be tailored to specific needs or missions. We offer direct access to our development team. We serve as extended work-bench for industrial partners who share our vision and passion.
We take pride in measuring ourselves with other high-end manufacturers of UAVs for professional use with our unique combination of enhanced flight time and payload capacity. This enables our customers to use heavy sensors, like a UAV Laser Scanner / LiDAR or professional film cameras, and multiple sensors at one flight thereby maintaining meaningful flight times. We provide end-to-end TURNKEY SOLUTIONS and are one of only a few manufacturers who equip their drones with real redundancy.
Our sensor range comprises: high-resolution RGB, thermal / IR, multispectral / hyperspectral, LiDAR, muon, ultrasonic, magnetometric / electromagnetic / radio frequency analyzer, air / water quality, gas detection, etc. Sensors are integrated independently, standalone or in combination. For more information view the summary of an interview with our CEO and with one of our international partner companies:


Tested under extraordinary conditions. Experience the difference.

Our UAVs are designed to support the pilot in conducting his manual and automated missions. Extraordinary conditions are anticipated and our systems have been tested and enhanced in such conditions. With our roots in cinematography, flight stability and smooth remote control operation is key. With our manufacturing site being located in Austria, we place high importance on harsh winter and weather conditions. Power reserves of 65%+ make missions in wind speeds of 50 km/h+ and up to 4,000m ASL possible. Professional inspection processes of high voltage power assets have been tested rigorously. Precision work - with or without RTK which we provide optionally - is our promise.

Customized Drone DEVELOPMENT for Industry, Research and Task Forces

Our team has a track record of developing drones for specific, customized industrial and other purposes since 2014. Contact us for information: office@airborne-robotics.com



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