AIR6 SYSTEMS | AIRBORNE ROBOTIC’s strategy is applications focused and turnkey system oriented. With our integrated drone solutions we strive to transform traditional industry processes towards digitisation, advanced analytics and intelligent automation. Customers can make more informed decisions, increase efficiency and streamline the documentation process. Our product range covers more than 95% of currently available professional UAV applications. Please contact us for information on specific use cases or respective equipment for one of below applications.

Surveying & Mining

Surveying & Mining

Professional aerial surveying requires a complete solution with an adequate UAV (flight time and payload capacity), high-end sensors and an efficient / easy to use software for optimal post-processing. Our surveying solutions are used for:

  • Area / volume surveying
  • 3D photogrammetry
  • Laser Scanning / LiDAR
  • Cadastral survey, municipalities
  • Damage survey (flood, storm, forestry, agriculture, etc)
  • Object survey
  • Mining
  • Construction and real estate

For cm-accuracy in Photogrammetry we integrate high-end RTK, PPK and PPP modules.

Industrials & Research

Logistics & Industrial Automations

Logistics and general industrial automation are high-potential future areas for drones with large expected market size, yet to mature. End-to-end solutions and system-of-systems approach are key in order to fully benefit and achieve economies of scale.

  • Emergency logistics (medical, wildlife)
  • High-value manufacturing in-factory and supply-chain logistics
  • Alpine and maritime last-mile logistics
  • Forestry (reforestation)
  • Industrial quality checks and monitoring (indoor / outdoor)

Our end-to-end solutions includes:

  • Autonomous charging
  • UAV / USV (uncrewed vessel)/ ground robots/ satellite robots (eg. crawlers) interplay
  • Swarm formations
  • GPS-denied navigation and DAA (detect and avoid)

Inspection & Monitoring

Inspection & Monitoring

Our UAVs can be equipped with multiple sensors for complex inspection and documentation missions:

  • Buildings and construction (maintenance, evaluation, damage assessment, progress tracking, etc.)
  • Roofs, chimneys, towers
  • Utility / electric power assets: power lines, solar, onshore / offshore wind parks
  • Onshore/ offshore oil assets (pipe / tank / ship structure and UT scanning)
  • Cars, planes, ships, etc
  • Large buildings & infrastructure: stadiums, railway stations, dam walls
  • Roads & railways

Our sensor suite comprises: high-resolution RGB, thermal / IR, multispectral / hyperspectral, muon, ultrasonic, magnetometric / electromagnetic / radio frequency analyzer, air / water quality, gas detection, etc. Sensors are integrated independently, standalone or in combination.

Search & Rescue

Task Forces & Rescue

Mission critical equipment, reliable and fast to deploy in all weather conditions, for use cases such as:

  • Fire fighting, disaster relief, emergency services
  • Police, border control, prisoner monitoring
  • Maritime controls and law enforcement
  • Security services / object protection
  • Technical aid organizations
  • Avalanches, boulders

Our AIR8 Search & Rescue package includes:

  • AIR8 medium range / medium payload drone
  • Wind, water and dust resistant
  • Thermal camera FLIR DUO 640 R with gimbal
  • Integrated drop-off device
  • Robust transport case
    Agriculture & Forestry

    Agriculture & Forestry

    Our UAVs are an essential component of modern and integrated farming. Some of the use cases are highlighted below.

    •  Precision farming (zone mapping; optimization of seeds, water, fertilizer)
    • Plant condition, seed development, pest control (eg. Trichogramma for European corn borer)
    • Fawn mark (before harvesting)
    • Cattle/ wild stock counting
    • Damage assessment
    • Land & forest evaluation
    • Logistics / transport

    Film & Photography

    Research & Development

    We work together with industry partners and academia on future-oriented, pushing-boundary developments.

    Examples of past and ongoing projects are:

    • Dr-SUIT
    • RootDetect
    • Saturn
    • Desert Eagle
    • Flying Eagle
    • Iris