AIR6 SYSTEMS | AIRBORNE ROBOTIC’s strategy is applications focused and turnkey system oriented. With our integrated drone solutions we strive to transform traditional industry processes towards digitization, advanced analytics and intelligent automation. Customers can make more informed decisions, increase efficiency and streamline the documentation process.

Our product range covers more than 95% of currently available professional UAV applications. Please contact us here for information on use cases or respective equipment for one of below applications.

  • Surveying, measuring / mapping, mining and archaeology
  • Inspection and documentation of real estate, critical infrastructure and construction sites
  • Surveillance and search & rescue (SAR)
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Photography, film and movies
  • Industrial automation, research & development

For general information on drones applications, market potential and industry estimates also refer to Goldman Sachs Research.

Surveying, Measuring / Mapping, Mining, Archaeology

Photogrammetry, LiDAR and volume measurement.

Agriculture & Forestry

Eye-in-the-sky: RGB, multispectral and hyperspectral images for precision farming; logistics - tree transportation for re-forestation.

Inspection and Documentation

Reliable UAVs for complex inspection missions: with multiple sensors, at rough weather conditions, for meaningful data.

Search & Rescue and Surveillance

Mission critical equipment for firefighters, search & rescue teams, police and medium range industrial or border control surveillance missions.

Industrial Automation, Research & Development

Design concept, prototypes and system infrastructure.

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