Boost efficiency.
Minimise downtime.

Wind energy is currently the largest source of sustainable energy. Growth rates are expected to remain high over the next decades, in particular from offshore wind energy (OWE). AIR6 | AIRBORNE are well positioned in this sector. Our DrWIND solution provides inspection and monitoring service autonomy, not seen in the market before. Based on our drone platforms AIR8 and AIR4 we are re-inventing offshore wind turbine inspection, providing end-to-end autonomy, all delivered from an onshore control centre (OCC), for improved operational efficiency: reduced crew transfer vessel (CTV) rides, lower turbine down-times, more frequent data in high-resolution digital format, no persons at risk; and notably lower cost.

Our DrWIND R&D activities are organised in 2 projects: DrSUIT – Drone Swarms for Uncrewed Inspection of Wind Turbines, the leading mobile vessel-bound solution, and SaturnX – Satcom Navigated UAS for Remotely Controlled Offshore Wind Farm Inspection and Big Data Management, a stationary/resident solution based on a LARRP (launch, recovery, recharge platform) installed on the offshore substation.


Talk to our team if you are interested in finding out more about our DrWIND solution for solar panel integrity inspections.